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Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Days

TLWA announces new coordinator for Chainsaw Carving Competitions!

We would like to introduce Jon Vincent Antonuk who has volunteered to organize these events for us!

Jon has been a professional carver for 6 years. Saved through the art form, he has grown a successful business housing over 50 local Artists, displaying their works in his retail Store in Barneveld, NY. He is the organizer and promoter of the Annual Power Carve Open Chainsaw Carving Competition at the

NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days in Boonville, NY. We welcome and thank Jon for his willingness to help us in improving Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Days! Check it out at


Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Days

Chainsaw Carving Contest Rules

Each carver will have nine hours in two days to complete his masterpiece.  These carvings will be judged at the carving site at 4:00pm on Sunday.

Each carver will produce a 90 minute competition piece each day.  This competition is for public entertainment with an auction to follow.  The proceeds will go toward next year’s event.

Carving will cease at 60 minutes, carver will have 30 minutes to finish the piece (paint, stain etc.).

    Judges’ Scoring System                                                            

  1. Correctness of form and anatomy
  2. Correctness of proportion
  3. Correctness and amount of detail
  4. Degree of artistic and/or emotional impact
  5. Animation and dramatization
  6. Degrees of angles of viewing interest
  7. Composition (i.e. effect at story telling)
  8. Best use of time and wood

Masterpiece Carve Prizes

Judges Vote                                  Carvers Choice                 Quick Carve Prizes (both days)

1st Place – $500  & Chainsaw          1st Place – $300                        1st Place = $300

2nd Place – $400                               2nd Place – $200                       2nd Place = $200

3rd Place – $300                               3rd Place – $100                        3rd Place = $100

4th Place – $200

5th Place – $100





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