2014 Recipient of the APA “Best Event Award”

2014 Recipient of the APA “Best Event Award”

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“Most Authentic Adirondack Event”


 Join us in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of

Northern New York State for a fun-filled, family friendly weekend of old fashioned fun!


Huge Parade featuring marching bands, heavy equipment, floats & more!

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Timberworks Lumberjack Show


Chainsaw Carvers and Auctions


Machinery Demonstrations and Competitions

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The 4 Man Team Competition depicts the stages of a logging operation





Food Concessions, Wares of all kinds, Small engines, heavy equipment and big rigs!  Free structured Kids

Games run all weekend!

Saturday Night Games of Greased Pole Climb and Tug of War!

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Recipient of the 2014 APA’s “Best Event Award for Most Authentic Adirondack Event”

Recipient of the 2014 APA’s “Best Event Award for Most Authentic Adirondack Event”

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