Greased Pole Climb



Rules for Greased Pole Climb

All Contestants must register at office.


  1. Five (5) persons on a team.
  2. No belts or shoes – bottom person can wear shoes.
  3. Draw for order of try up the pole.
  4. Each team will have 2 attempts to climb the pole.
  5. First run starts with number 1.
  6. Second run starts with last number and continues downward to first number.
  7. No contestant can touch to pole until start signal is given.
  8. Top person must ring the bell.
  9. Best time wins.  Time starts on signal given by starter and stops on the ringing of the bell.
  10. Each contestant will be marked with team number; no changing of men once the team is registered.
  11. In case of a tie, tie will be run-off.
  12. Prize money will be as follows:  1st – $50; 2nd – $30; 3rd – $20