Loading Competition


Tupper Lake Woodsmens Days



Loader Competition Rules

Register on site prior to event.


Loader Contest  Checker Board.

  • The hydraulic loader to be operated will be a truck or trailer mounted loader with pulp wood grapple.
  • All competitors will compete at identical pressure settings.
  • Materials to be handled:

Checker Board Contest = 2 x 2 foot wood blocks (one by one) or


Each Contestant will:

  • Have a one minute warm up period for loader familiarization
  • Be timed by impartial personnel
  • Transfer 8 wooden blocks, one by one, from red squares on Grid 1 to red squares on Grid 2 then return to red squares on Grid 1 for Checker Board Contest.


Timing Procedures

  • Time starts and ends with visible signal
  • Time ends when the last block or log is returned to the starting position and grapple is placed on the ground in starting position.


At Completion, 5 seconds will be added for:

  • Checker Board Contest: all blocks or parts of blocks which have been placed on white squares of either grid and for all blocks not returned to grid 1 in proper position for the next contestant to start loading.


General Information for Loader Contest (s):

  • Contestants must be present at their designated loading time.
  • Registration is taken on a fist come-first served basis.
  • Officials reserve the right to close registration in the event that more contestants register than can be compete in the allotted time.
  • All ties for cash prizes will be divided among those contestants who have identical times.