Four Man Team

After being absent for many years, The Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Association proudly announced several years ago the return of the popular  4 Man Team Event and is looking forward this year to another big contest! First introduced in 1986, the 4 Man Team Event was a crowd pleaser and afforded the competitors the chance to test their skills against those of their peers while giving the spectator a first-hand look at what is a typical day for the crew. That first year a total of 15 Teams competed for the title of “Top Crew of the Woods”. A successful trial run at the 2011 Woodsmen’s Days again proved the popularity of this long, lost event is as great as ever! Organizers limited the trial run to 5 Teams not knowing if they’d be able to fill all the slots. Response was overwhelming and the event will be expanded this year. The bleachers were filled with attentive spectators and supporters cheering on their favorite team. These days there are a few logging jobs which still cut trees using a chain saw but on most jobs today, Heavy Equipment has replaced the chainsaw as it had replaced the crosscut and bucks saws. The Teams consist of 4 Men, each of whom performs one phase of the simulated “Logging Operation”. Teams compete against each other and follow the sequence of a real logging operation. The cutter fells three trees following event rules and safety measures.The skidder man then chokes the logs and brings them to the landing.The loader operator and the cutter work together to “buck” the logs then load them on the truck. The trucker then hauls the logs to the finish line. The Team with the lowest total time is declared “Top Crew of the Woods”.